Give to our future: Latino Children’s Fund (LCF) and Make a difference in our children’s lives

From early education to tutoring to intervention counseling, your tax-deductible donation helps strengthen the award winning educational and family support programs Latino Children’s Fund (LCF) offers.

It is easy to donate, here is our link:

Here are just a few ways in which your contribution can make a difference:

  1. With your gift of $25 we can provide a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack to one child for a full week.
  2. With your gift of $50 we can provide a school-age child with two hours of one-on-one tutoring in math or reading.
  3. With a generous $100, we can provide one hour of intensive professional counseling for a family and child.
  4. And with your gift of $250 we can provide two weeks of safe, nurturing care for a child in one of our Child Development Centers.

Remember, any amount you wish to give provides much-needed help, wherever it is applied. Thousands of impoverished children are ready to learn right now. We cannot afford to let their enthusiasm die. We cannot afford to let them fall behind.

Your gift to Latino Children’s Fund (LCF) represents a window of opportunity for our kids. With your help, we can provide them with the tools they need to prepare for school…to stay in class…to surpass society’s expectations for them…to make the grade.

Please make an investment in the future of Latino Children’s Fund’s children, today.

Thank you!

If you have any questions about your gift to Latino Children’s Fund (LCF), please contact our development office at (626) 289-2600.