LCF Childrens Fund Food Delivery Truck Got Stolen

We lost our beloved truck or better yet, it was stolen on Sunday, May 31, 2020, morning from Monterey Park. It was used to help the local children and their families that we serve. The truck  was initially donated to the foundation by a couple in Pasadena, because we are a 501 (C) non-profit foundation helping the community’s children and showing them the right path with education! Especially now between the rioting, protesting and still having to worry about the Covid-19 Pandemic, things are really hard. It is getting rough and all that  we are doing is trying to level the playing field for the young youth to have a chance to a better life.

As we are coping with our truck being stolen, the truck was used to get food to feed over 200 children, Monday thru Friday, places like Subway, Mc Donald’s, and The Habit Hamburger Grill  have  stepped up  to  feed  these kids that are located in the Eastside and all they asked was that we go and pickup the meals. Now, we are without a truck and it is very challenging to provide the kids and some are not receiving lunches, they desperately need especially in these times of need.

Please be on a lookout for a Silver 1997 GMC Sierra 1500 truck, it was in a good shape thanks to our volunteers. License plate: 5N31023

When the truck was donated, it needed tires, a major tune-up, and top it off a transmission, yet over time our director as well as our volunteers spent over $4000 to get the truck ready to be used for picking up donations around the city. This adds insult to injury. Now we have nothing and no budget for a new truck, especially in these HARD times where we are limited in our budget and not getting the grants we usually get.

There has been a spree of car burglaries and theft in the Monterey Park area, after contacting and making the neighborhood aware of the theft, we found out that multiple neighbors were also burglarized and many of the vehicles were tried unsuccessfully to get stolen. Ours was a 1997 truck so it did not have the modern day theft devices installed in newer models. We had just renewed the registration on Friday and DMV, of course will not refund our much needed money. We did not have an alarm because after 25 years in the neighborhood nothing like this ever occurred.

I hope you can get the word out. We would like to find the stolen truck but know that it will be a very small chance for that, so we are looking for a not so expensive replacement so that we can continue helping out the community.

I’m raising money to get a replacement for the truck that was stolen and to aid the foundation in lost revenue due to the auto theft.

Any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me. Here is the link:

Veronica Guevara
Associate Director